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Books and Manuals

NOTE - unless otherwise annotated, all books are used

1. The Suicide Battalion, McWilliams and Steel. History of 46th Battalion CEF. 221 pages, soft cover. $20

2. Vimy, Burton 1986. History of Canadians at Vimy Ridge. 336 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. $15

3. The Suicide Battalion, McWilliams and Steel. History of 46th Battalion CEF. 226 pages, hard cover. $50

4. The Regiment, Mowat 1974. History of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. 317 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. $30

5. Hitler's Generals, Humble 1973. 167 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. $10

6. History of the Canadian Forces 1914-19 - Medical Services, Macphail 1925. Official history of the Canadian medical service in WWI, includes list of awards. 428 pages, hard cover. SOLD

7. From the Rideau to the Rhine and Back, Weatherbe 1928. History of 6th Field Company and Battalion Canadian Engineers, includes nominal roll with awards and casualties. 518 pages, hard cover. $60

8. The Breed of Manly Men, Morrison and Slaney, second edition 2002. History of the Cape Breton Highlanders in WWII includes, casualties, list of officers and awards with citations. 412 pages, soft cover. $25

9. Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Williams, 1972. Part of the Famous Regiment series, includes photos. 110 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. $20

10. The Royal Canadian Regiment, Volume 1 1883-1933, Fetherstonhaugh, 1981 reprint. History that includes officer roll, casualties and awards. 467 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. New SOLD

11. The Royal Canadian Regiment, Volume 2 1933-1966, Stevens 1967. History that includes selected biographies and casualties. 420 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. New $50.

12. Semper Paratus, Greenhous, 1977. History of Royal Hamilton Light Infantry 1862-1977 includes list of COs, WWII casualties and photos. 446 pages, soft cover. $30

13. Canada's Black Watch, Hutchison, 1962. History of Royal Highlanders of Canada 1862-1962, includes awards and photos. 340 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. $40

14. 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) 1962-1987, 1987. Yearbook format covering period 1962-1987, many photos. 162 pages, hard cover. $10

15. For Freedom, S/L Creed RCAF, 1942. A collection of war poems used to raise money for the RCAF benevolent fund. 60 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. $8

16. The 8th Hussars, Howe, 1964. History of the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's). Nominal roll, list of CO's unit picture etc. 449 pages, hard cover. $75

17. Athene, Conrod, 1983. History of the Canadian Women's Army Corps. 397 pages, hard cover. $50

18. Canadian Militia Dress Regulations 1907, 1977. 1977 reprint with amendments to 1914, includes photos. 124 pages, soft cover. SOLD

19. The Black Battalion, Ruck, 1987. History of 2 Construction Battalion CEF Canada's only Black battalion, includes nominal roll. 125 pages, soft cover. $25

20. Combined Operations, The Official Story of the Commandos, Saunders, 1943. Mid-war history of the British Combined Operations. 155 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. $8

21. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Fetherstonaugh, 1940. History of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 294 pages, hard cover. SOLD

22. There Shall Be Wings, Roberts, 1959. History of the Royal Canadian Air Force, with photos. 290 pages, hard cover. $40

23. The Halifax Rifles 1860-1960, Quigley, 1960. History of Halifax Rifles includes photos and roll of unit in 1960. Slight tear to front top right corner of cover. 230 pages soft cover. SOLD

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